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Keen Reading Research

Foundational Paper


Keen Reading is a dissemination effort focused on reviving and advancing a construct called "reading maturity," to broaden and deepen the literacy skills, habits and dispositions of all readers.  The foundational paper for this current effort was published in 2013 and is linked here.


Ongoing Research


We have two research studies underway aligned with the mission of Keen Reading.  One study focuses on further refinement of instrument and construct validation for The Reading Maturity Survey and the broader idea of reading maturity in general.  The other study focuses on pre-service and in-service K-12 teacher progress toward reading maturity.  For more detailed information on these two studies, please contact us.

NEW ARTICLE: Please click here for information about a recently published article focused on additional reliability and validity information for The Reading Maturity Survey.


Help Wanted
With our two current research studies we have significant opportunities for collaboration with others who may be interesting in these lines of inquiry, including academic faculty, graduate students, think tank fellows, and policy analysts, among others.  To talk more about these possibilities, please contact us.
Let us hear from you.
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