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Keen Reading in the Classroom


The Keen Reading mission is easily applicable to many classrooms.  We recommend using The Reading Maturity Survey with Next-Steps Planning as a simple free self-assessment that students can complete and then use for specific literacy goal setting.  Teachers can then encourage students to pursue the specific literacy goals that they set, and provide appropriate scaffolding to assist students.  Then, The Reading Maturity Survey can be taken again and students and teachers can examine the results to look for areas that have improved.  This free personalized assessment and goal-setting cycle can continue indefinitely.


The Reading Maturity Survey


The Reading Maturity Survey is a simple free tool for literacy self-assessment and goal-setting.

Please click here to download and print The Reading Maturity Survey


Please click here to download and print The Reading Maturity Survey with Next-Steps Planning


For a detailed overview of The Reading Maturity Survey, please click here.



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