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: possessing an ability to think clearly and to understand at depths beyond what is obvious or simplistic


: highly developed; strong, sensitive, acute, adept, adroit


: excited about and interested in something


Our mission of broadening and deepening the literacy skills, habits, and dispositions of all readers is well-served by this little word.





Launched in 2015, is a research dissemination and application effort for years of academic and practical work by Dr. Matt Thomas at the University of Central Missouri, focused on reviving and advancing a construct called "reading maturity," measured by The Reading Maturity Survey,  a simple free tool for literacy self-assessment and goal-setting.  There have been several influential scholars and teachers over the past half century who have shaped and advanced this effort; these are chronicled in the 2013 overview article linked here.  For a TV interview by a local PBS show, providing a pretty good overview of the effort, please click here





Matt Thomas

Founder of Keen Reading
  • Ph.D., Interdisciplinary, with Education as coordinating discipline and Urban Leadership and Policy Studies in Education as co-discipline, University of Missouri Kansas City

  • M.A., Education, Pepperdine University

  • B.A., English with California Teaching Credential, The Master's College


Matt is a Professor of Reading and Chair of the Department of Educational Foundations and Literacy in the College of Education at the University of Central Missouri.


Please click here to read more of Matt's bio.

Amy Farr - Digital Marketing
Digital Marketers for Keen Reading
  • M.B.A., Marketing, University of Central Missouri

  • B.S.B.A., Marketing, University of Central Missouri


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